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As we saw in the previous situation, Porcelain Crowns & Bridges can
make a dramatic difference! But what about a less expensive
alternative which also conserves more tooth structure as well. As
seen above in this situation, we see that his Upper front teeth have
stains, decay, and are also misaligned as seen in the picture to the
right. What are our options here?

In this situation we completed Composite Bonding
Veneers on just the upper 6 teeth. The difference in
shape, contour, and color is so readily evident. We did
these veneers in just one routine visit! These new
generation of composite bonding materials have given
him a totally different look. His wife will attest to the fact
that he is really happy with his new teeth and he smiles
much more now compared to before.  Here again, at
Miracle Dental Associates, we look for ways to give you
that miracle smile at a miracle fee!
Come and see what miracles we can do for you.
Have Faith! Miracles do happen!
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