*Most dental insurance plans accepted!
*Saturday and Evening Hours!
*Surf the Web while you wait!
Welcome / What to expect:
When you first enter Miracle Dental Associates, you will be greeted with a friendly smile  by
one of friendly team members!
The Waiting Room -  Watch TV or Surf the Web while you wait:
Come in and hang up your coat.  If you're unfortunate or possibly fortunate enough to wait, you'll
have the option to watch some television, surf the Internet, or plug in your laptop to get work
done.  Miracle Dental Associates is all about making your dental experience as pleasant as
What's Next - The Planmeca Panoramic Digital X-ray and / or Bitewing X-rays:
Miracle Dental Associates offers state-of-the-art technology to provide their patients with the
best dental care possible .  The Planmeca Digital X-ray machine is one of the best if not the best
x-ray machines currently available.  Exposure to radiation is minimal, and the quality of the x-ray
is second to none.
No Surprises :
Once at the chair, we will review your digital x-rays with you.  Technology not only allows your
digital  x-rays to be displayed on a monitor, but also to magnify your x-rays with detail never
before possible.  You will see first hand what areas need work, and we will explain the
procedures necessary so that you are assured you're getting the dental care that you only need.
Sit back in a comfortable dental chair, watch television ( sitting up or lying down! ), and let the
gentleness of  our caring team give you an enjoyable and peaceful dental experience.  
Watching the Disney Channel or Nicolodeon makes dental care for kids an ease for both the
child and the dentist.  Come and see what Miracle Dental Associates can do for you.